Bakersfield, CA!


Untimed event

Color Blasts, Fun OBstacles, & FOAM ZONES!


*Due to the weather there will be no mud or water obstacles

Individual Registration 

$35 per person - OPENING PRICE!



$40 per person


*Team Registration 

$30 per person - OPENING PRICE!



$35 per person



Sold out

Sold out

(SAVE $5/each with two (2) or more participants)

*Minimum of two (2) participants to a team maximum as BIG as you like!

Ages 8 and older

On-line registration CLOSING 1.29.2015


What's included! T-Shirt -Tattoo -Bib -Sunglasses

**Ages 7 & younger FREE w/ registered participant. Signed waiver at packet pickup or day of race. (No t-shirt included).

Packet pick-up & new registration:

Location: Action Sports

Date: January 30, 2015

Time: 10:00pm-2:00pm



Day of registration will be at the Kern County Soccer Park from 8:30AM- 10:00AM



Flux- noun: Continuous change. The state of constant change.


At a FLUX FUN RUN you will never experience the same course. The courses are always in flux! We like to give you a new experience every time you come to one of our events. We are the only run of our kind! At FLUX FUN RUN we do not time the runs and there are no awards for finishing first.


 It's your time to experience something new! This is an untimed event, so you can run, skip, walk, talk and take pictures.


If you come across a section that is out of your comfort zone or you don't want to get dirty, relax, take a deep breath and just take our detours. This run is for fun and is geared towards all athletic abilities. There is no training needed for this event!



9400 Alfred Harrell Highway, Bakersfield

9400 Alfred Harrell Highway, Bakersfield



Venue Name: 



Venue Address:

9400 Alfred Harrell Highway

Bakersfield, CA 93306

Kern County Soccer Park is the home of the Flux Fun Run!


10:30AM Start time

Rain or shine

Bring cash for food & drinks

Stay for the raffle & say hi to our community vendors

All participants must have signed waiver

Bring valid ID to packet pickup

Flux Bakersfield

Flux Carpool

Flux Fun Run

Flux 2014

Get Creative with your team and show your stuff for a chance to WIN!

Click here for more details!


Thirsty? Hungry? Stay a bit after you cross the finish line and grab a bite to eat from one of Kern County Soccer Park's vendors!

Kern County Soccer Park

Kern County Soccer Park

Kern County Soccer Park

Kern County Soccer Park


Charity Spotlight

We are always excited to host crazy fun events, but we also think it is important to give back. As a for profit company, we are thrilled we have the opportunity to partner with charities and help highlight their amazing work within society .


We are thrilled to be working with Love Water of Bakersfield.


Love-Water is a 501c3 that exists to prevent water borne illness, disease, and death, and to restore health and life to those without access to clean water. We believe that the basic need of water must be met in order for there to be a complete socio-economic transformation from poverty to sustainability. Our organization is built of people who are dedicated to this fight and do not accept payment for our passion. We depend on quality and meaningful relationships to help us achieve our low cost, all funds go to the field approach. Click here for more information.





Shirts created by Bakersfield

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