What is the Royal Protection Plan?

If you own a vehicle without a warranty, you are at risk! Without a warranty, you’re left to cover the costs of vehicle repairs and any other car-related expenses that come your way. Any driver can tell you that car repairs are rarely inexpensive, and if you are like many people and on a limited income, may cause financial devastation. But, with a warranty, there is far less to worry about.

But, you’re probably saying that you’re out of luck if the warranty on your car is expired. You had your time, and now it is over. It is only fair that you pay for the costs out of pocket, right? Wrong! Extended warranties are available, even if you opted against the coverage originally. When you have an extended warranty, you get back the peace of mind that you want, and avoid any potential financial problems repairing a car.

The Royal Protection Plan is one of the best extended warranties out there available today. This warranty offers protection and peace of mind while ensuring that you’re always covered, regardless of the problems you encounter. Several policies are available, making it easy for all vehicle drivers to get exactly what they need.

The Royal Protection warranty covers vehicle repairs, and provides you a car rental while your vehicle is in the shop. You can choose from several repair packages, or get them all for superior coverage on your car.

But, that’s not all. This warranty is offered with flexible payment options, so stressing over the payment isn’t a concern. And, you can use the warranty nationwide, protecting you wherever you go. Additional benefits that you get with this warranty:

–    Lockout service: We’ve all locked ourselves out of the car, as embarrassing as it is. It’s costly to get a locksmith to undo the mistake, but with this warranty, the costs aren’t a concern.

Royal Protection Plan

–    Roadside Assistance: Who do you call when you need a flat repaired? What happens if you’ve ran out of gas, and are miles from home or help? These are just two of many situations where roadside assistance is beneficial. With this protection plan, roadside assistance is on its way to you, any time 24/7, without eating at your wallet and the money inside.

–    Trip Interrupted Protection: This special protection covers costs of a hotel if you are more than 100 miles from home and stranded.  You will get up to $75/day for hotel and meal costs.

–    Unlimited Claims: Some of us have better luck than the rest. If you have more trouble than normal, that is okay, thanks to the unlimited free claims with this protection policy.

Royal Protection is a trusted company with more than 25 years’ experience in the auto insurance industry. The company is respected because customers know they can trust them to deliver what they want, when they need it, and at affordable prices. You cannot stay in business for this long if you aren’t doing something the right way.