And, if all goes well for you in the near future, you’ll be using this book for the rest of your life. Just because you will have stayed the course and followed the kayla itsines book from cover to cover over the duration of the next, let’s see now; three to four months, doesn’t mean that all your dieting and exercising work will be done for good. That’s not how it works and surely you should know that it doesn’t even make sense.

kayla itsines book

After two weeks back on the couch away from your exercise mat and out of the sunshine, those pounds that are presently staring so hard at you in your full frontal mirror will come rolling back. Don’t just read one review. Read several reviews before you get to work. Yes, it will feel like work in the beginning. After all, you haven’t been used to exercise since you were being put through your paces in the high school gym.

All these reviews will help. There’s more than enough variety to provide you with informative overviews based on personal experience from those brave girls who took the plunge and attacked their bulge. Depending on your current size and weight, you can sample the straight forward Kayla Itsines Review or the hefty BBG Workout Review. Hope what has been said so far is not getting you into a tizz. Don’t be so nervous.

Okay, so if you are feeling nervous at this time, let’s call this nervous excitement then. Think of it as positive energy starting to course through your veins. The physical energy that will be coming your way later on will be as a result of a combination of two things. Pure blooded exercise and disciplined dieting. But don’t worry. The exercise is only going to be a bit of a struggle for you in the first few days. And the dieting regime won’t be all green leaves and starvation rations.

Exercise will be high-octane, but sessions won’t be longer than thirty minutes long, just as long as you stick to Kayla’s program. Eating will be fun, glorious fun, because the food recommendations will surprise you in terms of introducing your sugar coated taste buds to new tastes that you sure will love. For instance, have you ever tried out salmon? And did you know that salmon rich in essential omega 3 fatty acids can be rolled in a favorite salad veg and eaten raw?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised and richly rewarded. Girls, stick it out for the next couple of weeks and you’ll be seeing results. The pounds will start dropping off like autumn leaves. And there’ll be a new spring in your step, so much so that you’ll be hungry for more. Once you’ve gone through the program, you can expect to carry on from there. And that will be easy, because you’ll have the energy and enthusiasm for it.